Tuesday, March 2, 2010

State of the Nation? Blah! Try State of the Internet

I would not be surprised if Americans were more interested in the words "State of the Internet" than "State of the Union." The Internet plays an increasingly larger role in many of our lives. How many? How much? How come we get so much spam? Well the answers to these and many more questions are answered in this addictive, stat-driven multimedia video.

State of the Internet video put together by Jesse Thomas.

Wow, roughly 1/4 of all humans have access to the Internet? Over 80% of e-mail is spam? FaceBook page views outpaced MySpace by over 10:1?

One question it didn't pose was with FaceBook and YouTube serving up so many page views and videos, respectively, when will either of them start turning a profit (if ever)?

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